Dueling Kazoos with Dillweed Dillzoo Orchestra

Dueling Kazoos: The Video.  Dillweed faces off with the impromptu and ever-changing Dillweed Dillzoo Orchestra in an epic battle of Banjo vs. Kazoo.  Filmed at the Music for Everyone “Tellus Takeover” Fundraiser at Tellus360, Lancaster, PA, October 25, 2018.

(DillweedBand.com) Dillweed is a Lancaster, PA based band known for its Old Timey Shenanigans, which it delivers via two banjos and an upright bass.

Dillweed band: The Leader in Old Timey Shenanigans

Two things that Dillweed band members (Eric Weit, Kim “Redd” Weit, & Boney Fingers) love is 1) supporting the non-profit Music for Everyone organization and, 2) getting audience members involved with its musical shenanigans.

At the Music for Everyone Tellus Takeover fundraiser at Tellus360, Dillweed debuted the impromptu and ever-changing Dillweed Dillzoo Orchestra by challenging audience members to an epic banjo vs. kazoo (Dillzoo) musical battle.

Afterward the battle, Dillweed and the Dillweed Dillzoo Orchestra made up with a conciliatory collaboration on “You Are My Sunshine,” and participants were allowed to keep their Dillzoos ($1999.00 value) and encouraged to keep up their rigorous practice schedules for future performances.

About Dillweed: Dillweed plays a wide and lively mix of engaging old timey, bluegrassy, folk, Irish, and jug band music from traditionals to sing-alongs to banjo covers of The Ramones, AC/DC, Katy Perry and Led Zeppelin (when absolutely necessary).

Dillweed is an acoustic trio featuring Kim “Redd” Weit on upright bass, Eric “Eric” Weit on clawhammer banjo and ukulele, and Boney Fingers on bluegrass banjo.

Dillweed DillzooDillweed is one of the working-est bands in Lancaster and York Counties, and plays regularly at Tellus360, Wacker Brewing, Spring House, Funk Brewing, McCleary’s, Columbia KettleWorks, Burning Bridge, Mudhook Brewing Co. as well as yearly events at Lancaster Roots & Blues, Lancaster Extraordinary Give, and fundraising events for Music For Everyone.

Dillweed has released eight 8-track tapes to date including Dillweed Live Near Carnegie Hall, the soundtrack to Hey Brother, Where Are You?, Dilling Banjos and A Very Dillweed Christmas featuring DJ Big Sexy.

Dillweed is unique. Offbeat. Fun. Interactive. Popular with kids of all ages. Dillweed is an unabashed promoter of its events and the venues that support them.

Dillweed is currently booking its 2019 “Banjos, Brews & High Spirits” Tour dates. Interested venues and promoters can contact Dilllweed at DillweedBand@gmail.com.

For schedules, news and social media shenanigans, visit Facebook.com/DillweedBand.

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