Dillweed Launches “Tales From the Pines” Sponsored by Packer’s Pine Soap

(DillweedBand.Com)  Two American classics – Packer’s Pine Soap (Since 1869) & Dillweed Band (Since about that time, too) have come together to inform & delight with the “Tales From the Pines” series.

“Tales From The Pines” features original verse, music, storytelling & modern retellings of the tales that shape our nation.

The Packer’s Pine Soap sponsorship of Dillweed Band will be launched March 17, 2022.  FromNow on, March 17 shall be referred to as “St. Packer’s Day.”

Happy St. Packer’s Day From Packer’s Pine Soap & Lancaster County, PA’s Dillweed Band.

Mr. Yoder’s Body Odor: A Tale From the Pines by Dillweed Band & Packer’s Pine Soap

Learn more at:

Packer’s Pine Soap

Dillweed Band (Facebook)

For sponsorship information, email Dillweedband@gmail.com

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